My name is Jonathan Dennis. I was born in Red Deer and raised in Calgary. I am currently a public health nurse. I find immense joy blending the health and technology sectors and I am obsessed with how humans interact with all things in our world - to how a father interacts with his child in a clinic, to how a user interacts with technology. Everything is in the details. Microsoft has an exciting chance to move from third to first place in our modern computing era.  I want to help.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you Microsoft. I believe I speak for all of us Windows users in how your Insider Program has only increased our passion, excitement and attachment. My hope is that these concepts will further ignite these flames and, for those of us who remain loyal Windows users, will proudly continue to share in your vision of a bright and connected future.

And one day, instead of people asking perpetually,

"Why do you still use a Windows Phone?"

they will instead say,

"Wow, I wish I could have a Windows Phone."


The contents of this blog in no way reflects Microsoft's views or plans. Something Cotton is not associated with or sponsored by Microsoft.